Membership & Rights


Our Obligation to Rights Holders
As a CMO, we have an overarching obligation to act in the best interests of the right holders whose rights we represent and not impose on right holders any obligations which are not objectively necessary for the protection of their rights and interest or for the effective management of their rights (Regulation 2(4)).

This obligation includes but is not limited to the governance arrangements details in the Directive Regulations, and encompasses any policies which affect the right holders. It requires values of transparency, honesty, responsiveness, and fairness.

Competition & Rights to Withdraw
In accordance with the Directive Regulations, right holders may withdraw their rights from any CMO upon giving written notice not exceeding six months. We may request that withdrawal is officially implemented at the end of the financial year. Right holders may decide to withdraw certain works from the copyrights or resale rights they are entitled to, and will be informed of the conditions attached to the withdrawal.

Membership & Voting Rights
Artists represented by the Artist Rights Agency are granted membership and voting rights which can be exercised during the annual General Assembly. At the Artist Rights Agency, the General Assembly is the key forum for involving members in our decision making process. Members who are unable to attend can vote by electronic means.

Members are able to vote on decisions which involve:
- Amendment of the statute and membership terms
- Appointment and dismissal of Directors
- Appointment and removal of auditor
- Approving the annual transparency report
- Policy on distributions
- Policy on use of non-distributable amounts"
- Policy on investment policy
- Policy on deductions

In the unlikely instance that a rights holder is refused voting rights, a clear explanation for the refusal will be provided.

Last Updated: March 29, 2019