Management of Rights Revenue


Collection of Rights Revenue
Artist Rights Agency monitors the market for the resales of artworks by right holders and requests the corresponding Resale Rights royalties on their behalf. In accordance with the Directive Regulations, Artist Rights Agency maintains separate managements of account amounts due to right holders and any other assets.

The Artist Resale Rights royalties exercised on sale price of qualifying works sold in the United Kingdom follow the EU rates implemented by the EU as noted in the table to the right.

Royalty Resale price
4% up to €50,000
3% between €50,000.01 and €200,000
1% between €200,000.01 and €350,000
0.5% between €350,000.01 and €500,000
0.25% in excess of €500,000

Fees & Deductions
As consistent with the industry standards, the Artist Rights Agency deducts a 25% fee from received revenue to cover operational costs. There may be deductions in relation to social, cultural, or education services which are provided on the basis of fairness and equal accessibility. This and any other management fees are outlined in the 2019 Fee Schedule available at

Distribution to Rights Holders
Artist Rights Agency operates with regular, accurate distributions of revenue to right holders in a diligent manner. The details on our general policy regarding distributions can be decided by member at the General Assembly. As outlined but the Directive Regulations, we are required to make payments to right holders within 9 months of the end of the financial year in which the rights revenue was collected.

Last Updated: March 29, 2019