About Artist Rights Agency


Who We Are
Artist Rights Agency is a social enterprise collective management organisation (CMO) which helps artists receive royalty payments on works resold in the secondary market. As a CMO registered in the UK, we have been granted authorisation to management the copyrights and artist resale rights on behalf of right holders. In our case, the right holders are typically the artists who have mandated us to manage their copyright or artist resale rights. We operate as a social enterprise, and involve members who are granted voting rights on key decisions at the Annual General Assembly for the Artist Rights Agency.

What We Do
We represent artist rights to fair compensation for the creation of works and their economic values in both the primary and secondary markets. We simplify the process which ensures that artists can continue to be financially supported by the increasing values of the works they create.

UK Directive Regulations
We are authorised by the UK Collective Rights, Intellectual Property Office to represent the copyrights and artist resale rights of registered members. We are guided by and compliant with the Collective Management of Copyright (EU Directive) Regulations 2016, which outlines the responsibilities of CMOs in the UK.

Last Updated: March 29, 2019